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Probate fees


Probate is the area of law dealing with the assets of someone who has died. It is a very technical and complex area of law best practiced by experienced Solicitors. We handle a large number of Probate files for various reasons the primary one being that i enjoy this type of work. It is a big deal to be entrusted to represent the Exexutors or Administrators of an Estate. That trust has to be earned and respected. I know that.

Probate entails several stages from first identifying the assets and libilities of the deceased. that information is transferred into Revenue forms and High Court documents. These are sworn and submitted to the Probate Office of the High Court. From there a formal Probate Grant issues. This creates the Legal Personal Representative who then steps into the shoes of the deceased. 

The next stage is to gather in all the assets of the Estate and discharge the liabilies of the deceased. This may take a few months as you need to deal with a number of financial institutions who have to "note" the Probate. When all the assets and liabilities are crystalised the final stage is completion of the Estate Accounts and payment of Inheritance tax. When that is done the balance is distibuted in accordance with the Will or law.


For very small straight forward estates without any complicaitons our fees start at 1,250-00 plus vat plus outlay (allow 200 euros outlay). This fee does not include the sale of any property.

If the estate entails a lot of propery or complex issues the fees will be greater based on the time involved and the other factors in computing legal costs of a legal office {link to page showing the costs or running a legal office}

We willl gladly quote for any estate, simply send me an email. 







Fees for taking instructions, reading the will, collection details of the assets and liabilities of the estate. Completing Inland Revenue Affidavit, Oath, Bond and any supporting affidavits. 

Arranging swearing of Oaths. Pay Court fees and lodge in Probate section of High Court.

Receive Grant and collect in the Assets. Deal with debts. Consider tax issues.

prepare Estate, Cash and Distribution Accounts with vouchers.

Meeting to agree distribution. File tax returns.Pay Capital Acquisition Tax if applicable.

Complete administration of estate. 


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