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We saw our first clients  in 1993.  Much of the work handled then was house sales and  injury claims. 3 bed houses in Lucan were worth approx 45,000. Road traffic accidents were more frequent due to the condition  of the roads, cars and driving habits. Divorce and Judicial Separation did not exist was not yet legal.

Quickly the impact of Intel and the tech industry buoyed  the whole economy. The first big housing development and signs of change was Finnstown and the new by pass. Shortly after that came the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre  and Liffey Valley. These vast projects brought with them the manifestation of the new consumerist suburban area/era.

We  expanded to meet the demand. We were on the edges of change and were one of the first Solicitors practices to launch a web site which went to the final stages of the Spiders Awards (Oscars for the Irish Internet) in 1999 . The Internet bubble slowed up in the early noughties but was supplemented by big pharma such as Wyeth in the area. It was as though west Dublin in the early noughties was  the centre of a very fortunate and prosperous area in Ireland that would continue indefinitely. That was not to be.

We are now in a different era for both the community and for us as Lawyers. Legal services required have not changed greatly but the manner in which that service is delivered has changed. Technology is changing the way legal services are delivered. For instance the range of information on this website and other sites was unheard of only a few years ago. The amount of information available and speed of access has increased by factors. Now people are better informed and have much more information. What has not changed though is the need to make good decisions based on the information known. That is where good legal advice is still needed. Talk to us for quality legal advice.


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